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1st Week

We raised a total of $7,173.32 ($3,331 from Facebook fundraiser) in just about 4 days, and spent $4,083.37 to make 280 meals to 5 hospitals in the 1st week. We also connected a couple of local businesses with hospitals, and they donated additional 160 meals and 100 skincare products for tired healthcare workers.

The healthcare workers appreciate a meal at lunch and at dinner to cover separate shifts, particularly the overnight shift, because most of the cafeteria in the hospitals are closed after 7pm (Some at 5pm) on certain days. We also hear from them that any support like this surely helps the team boost the spirits in these trying times. So, thank you all for your warm support to make this happen!

COVID-19 will certainly last longer than just a week and our effort will continue. Along with more deliveries scheduled next week, we will soon start another campaign to scale up this effort, and help more healthcare workers and local businesses in more sustainable ways. So, please stay tuned!


Bay Area K Group

PS 1) For all fighting COVID-19 at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center (Santa Clara, Oakland, Cupertino), Regional Medical Center, and Washington Hospital

PS 2) Special thanks to our voluntary donors: Joshua Kim and the team from Paris Baguette Fremont (, Chef Jin and the team from Tapas Tokki (, and Respekt ( a SF-based skincare company.

PS 3) Partner restaurants: Korean Palace (, K-Star (, Dokkaebier (, Ohgane Oakland (

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