Meal Forward is run 100% by community-minded volunteers who are passionate about using their talents for social good.  We are a team that represents 20+ different companies and organizations, from 6 different regions across 4 different time zones.

Active Volunteers Only

Alice Ma
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Software Engineer at Atlassian

Annie Tsai
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Software Engineer at Affinity, Inc.

Baldwin Chang
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Software Engineer at Facebook

Chaehee Won
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Software Engineer Intern at NG

Daeun Kim
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Myungji University

Emily Tsai
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Software Engineer at Facebook

Emily is passionate about building tech for good — especially tech that empowers under-resourced communities. She is excited to volunteer at Meal Forward because of its collective vision to connect resources to fight hunger issues while supporting local small businesses within the same community.

Garron Engstrom
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Product Design Manager at Facebook

George Ruan
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Senior Software Engineer at Instacart

Kate Seokjeong Lee
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Software Engineer at Warner Bros. Games


Kate aspires to be a Product Manager in future and loves the go-getter attitude, enthusiasm and compassion that the co-founders at Meal Forward bring to the team. She considers herself fortunate to be a part of this meaningful opportunity that addresses a critical challenge today

Lisa Turner
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Content Designer at Facebook


Lisa is excited about volunteering at Meal Forward as it can help two groups of people at once: Restaurant workers who need business to maintain their jobs, and people in need of meals.

Matt Bloom
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​Product Manager at Facebook


Through Meal Forward, Matt's looking forward to driving efficiency into a new system that creates value for everyone that participates. People in need and those helping them are fed, businesses thrive by providing food and people who can give to support the operation benefit from knowing they've made a difference.

Nick Lin
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Director of Marketing Data Analytics at PayIt

Seoyoung Ko
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Software Engineer at IoTex

Sooyoung Lee
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Seoul Women's University

Sooyoung worked on developing the EAP product as a DevOps and worked on some of the front-end.  She'll be working on developing the back-end part for the second iteration.  Sooyoung had a lot of fun working Meal Forward and is really looking forward to developing the platform on a bigger scale.

Soyoung Park
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Software Engineer at Twitter

Sugyung Jeong
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Software Engineer Intern at Timecode Archive

Sushma Sharma
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Technical Analytics Associate at Facebook

Willy Will
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Product Designer at Facebook

Yasmin Kim
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Software Engineer Intern at methinks

Yeseul Lee
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Sejong University

Software Developer, passionate for what I love;
One of the EAP and MVP engineers of Mealforward

Yoona Chung
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Software Engineer Intern at NG

Currently volunteering as a back-end engineer for Meal Forward

Aparna Shrotriya
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Global Strategy & Operations Manager at DocuSign

Gwin Lee
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Product Marketing Manager at Google

Meg Bokyung Bang
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Global Business Operations Financial Analysis at Lam Research

Akash Rathi
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Product Operations Strategy at Google

Christian Martine
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Head of Supply Quality Industry Standards, Engagement, and Compliance at Amazon

Jihoon Park
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CX Practice Lead - Product Management at Cisco

Jihyun Kim
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Josh Cho
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De Anza College

Josh is willing to serve any role in this team

Paul Changwon Lee
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M&A/PE Associate at Fried Frank

Priyanka Purkayastha
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Senior Manager at Facebook

Shingyoung Park
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Director of Product Management at NCSOFT

Andrew Ahn, VP
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Product Manager at Google

Jeong-Suh Choi, President
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Product Manager at Facebook

Meal Forward to Choi is the opportunity to connect communities with quality meals, while working with great people from all over the world. 

Noori Kim, VP
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Senior Sourcing Manager at Amazon


Meal Forward allows Noori to appreciate the power of meals and work with an amazing team of beautiful people to connect with communities.


Meal Forward is operating through a CA non-profit
public benefit corporation using fiscal sponsorship with Players Philanthropy Fund
(Federal Tax ID: 27-6601178), a Maryland charitable trust with federal tax-exempt status
as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Contributions to Meal Forward are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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